Why Fine Exchange?

You can see below some of the features that fine exchange provides currently.

Low Trading Fee

Giving most to our user with lowest trading fee for our users in the current market. Going as low as 0.01%.

HollaEx Technology

Fine Exchange uses HollaEx Kit to provide always up-to-date environment for our traders with extending functionality.

Greater Liquidity

Trade all major liquid markets on top of our platform against USDT and more to Come!.

Flexible for bots

We provide support for automatic trading systems and we are constently working to provide you a free safe environment for your bots to run and do automated trading.

Start with Fine Exchange in 3 Steps

Built on a battle tested open source Exchange software, Fine Exchange provides easy to use Interface to server their users. Integrating new technologies in trading and providing Competitive trading fees with good liquidity options in virutal assets environment.


Create a wallet

Have a wallet already? Skip this step. or Create an account here.


Open account

Simply open a new account to start buying and selling crypto assets.


Start trading

Buy or Sell crypto assets through our secure platform.